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Bookshelf Community Tank

Here are a few shots of one of my bookshelf tanks.

This is how it looked before my recent re-scape.

That's Apollo, one of my bettas there in the front. It was also housing 3 corydora habrosus, a couple of amano shrimp and a nerite snail.

I moved Apollo out to another tank to clear room for 3 pairs of Pseudomugil Gertrudae Aru II. I also did a re-scape. Here's the new look:

And, finally, with the newest inhabitants who arrived just today! Someday I'll get a better camera and you will actually be able to see my fish!

Currrent Tank Stats are:

6.6 Gallon Petco Bookshelf Aquarium
Filter: Aquaclear 20
Heater: generic 25 watt
Light: T8 15-watt 6700K bulb in stock fixture

Flora: Limnophila sessiliflora, Dwarf Hairgrass, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, Apontogen crispus, Blyxa jap, Wisteria, Frogbit, Duckweed, and some kind of crypt in the corner

Fauna: Apollo the betta, 3 pairs pseudomugil gertrudae aru ii, 3 corydora habrosus, Jasper the betta, couple of amanos, one nerite snail

I'm not sure that this will be my final stocking for this tank. All the fish except for one of the rainbows are still juvies, so for now there is room. I think that either the rainbows or the corys are probably going to move in the next couple of months. Most likely the rainbows will go to a 10 gallon and I'll get some microrasboras for this tank.

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