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Originally Posted by Lovin Fish View Post
This has got to be my most favorite tank I have ever seen! I have seen thousands!!!! Turst me! Millions! This one just has something about it that makes me stare at it everytime I come to this forum! If you don't mind, I would love to save this picture to my desktop. It is just that gorgeous!

I am wondering if you would mind telling me how you made your wooden DIY co2 expeller and the sugar and yeast? I have seen different ways through researching online, but your tank is so amazing, I think I'd like to go your route with your home-made Co2 diffuser. I am setting up another tank...this time a 75 gallon low-tech planted. I haven't gotten anything for it is just a bare tank without a top, filter light or anything else!

Anyway, thanks for sharing this gorgeous design!!!
Oh my! Thank you so much! What a great compliment that you would want to use it for your desktop.

I've actually stopped using DIY, but I bought the wood diffuser in the marine section of Petco, it's limewood I believe. The yeast and sugar was just the standard recipe in a big plastic apple juice jug.
Because the temp right now is 82-83°, I stopped using the CO2, I'm using the Brightwell Aquatics Florin-Axis, and I may have to raise the light a bit.

But as far as updates go, I took the Cockatoo Apistos out, and my stocking list is now the 18 Cardinal Tetras, and the 2 German Rams, Hans and Edelweiss.

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