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Originally Posted by thechibi View Post
Otos are so adorkable. You want to keep them in groups of at least 3?
Yes, they are very social. You should see several hundred of them schooling together, it is quite a sight! I prefer no less than 6, but the base minimum would be 3.
Originally Posted by S&KGray View Post
How about that common name listed on Planet Catfish, "Robocop Catfish".

Common names are so silly, lol. I didn't even know about that one! My latin is much better than my trade name knowledge!
Originally Posted by joon View Post
Please GO to Msjinkzd's facebook page,

click the Like button, then u can enjoy pictures of her new shrimp/fish before she post it here right away~!

all pics from her facebook page,

(why do we use somebody else's zebra oto picture, since she has tons of her own!)
Yes zebra otos are very rare and expensive
i saw lfs and other famous importers selling zebra oto's $15~18

i like her the best because she always bring something "new" to states

Caridina cf. babaulti "Indian white banded"

Caridina cf. babaulti "black"

Blue rilli

all pics from her facebook page
Thanks! A lot of the pics are on my website as well
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