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Again it has been a while but I will get some pictures up soon. I added another Magnum H.O.T. for better circulation and co2 diffusion. I am running one of them without any kind of filter in it and I put my glass diffuser underneath the filter intake. I have lost 2 neon tetras, and I think it was because they where picking on each other. But everything is balanced now. I have started to pick up some of the Aqua Vitro line of plant products. I am able to get them for $6.50 a piece so it works for me. I also ordered some red cherry shrimp on [Ebay Link Removed] I am not quite sure when they will ship but I should be getting a dozen. I am hoping my tank is planted dense enough that the shrimp will be okay and maybe reproduce. I have 4 ghost shrimp and my black neons have not even as much as glanced there way. I also keep running out of co2 quicker than I think I should be, so I have taken the whole system apart a few times to see if anything was loose and I also used teflon tape on some of the connections. Hopefully I have fixed it.
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