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Originally Posted by falcooo View Post
Im no expert, but i set up my tank a few months ago and for several months beforehand i researched like crazy and read countless forums. You will read a million opinions on what people think is best, all i can say is what i did which was miracle grow organic topped with play sand. i couldn't be happier with my choice. Super inexpensive, and the plants love it. Also the play sand looks great, especially if you want that natural look. I tossed in several various types of broken shells collected in florida and a few handfuls of crushed coral i had left over from another tank. I love it. Hope my experience helps. Good luck.
Me too! Loads of research for the past 6 months which lead me to be unsure of what really works. I did eco complete because it's all we have in this silly town right now and covered it in sand. So far, I don't actually like sand. I love my gravel tanks. With the sand I feel like I am not doing enough...I guess I just like having more work to do LOL. I love gravel cleaning every 2 days with my other tanks, and the sand tank I stir the sand every 7 days and suck up the deitris every other day. I hate it LOL!!! I must be crazy

Goin planted!
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