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Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
I hear you on those lillies, man! They go crazy in high light/high CO2, and it is difficult to keep up with the trimming. I'm removing at least 4-5 leaves per week. If you had the space, I would suggest that you let it send of a few floating leaves and let it flower. I've done that before. A few days after the flower opens, cut it, and it should slow it's growing down after a while. On the plus side, you could move that to the "open" area you've been "whining" about for the past two-three weeks! JK!

My Barclaya loves my tank, and it should do well in yours! (Hint: it loves root tabs!)

Always top and replant; topping a plant can be done from time to time, but you are usually left with an unattractive stem until a new sprout can be re-formed and grow out. I don't recommend it, but it is a bit more messy and time consuming to do. I hate pulling roots out of the substrate and having a cloud of dust in my tank for a few hours.

Cutting the top off can encourage lateral, bushy growth may have to experiment with this on a plant to plant basis. However, if you let a plant hit the surface, it will often start send out side shoots from it's base as well, which is a great way to multiply stems. If you let the syno's gain in height, they should send out more side shoots from the base. After those gain some height, I would top the main stem and replant, and separate the side shoots and replant those.
beotch and stitch baby! yea i am whining about that blank spot rear left but what i failed to mention was... my zexy crypt nurii chillin back there yo!! :O

ya she's been hiding back there for a bit. i figured It was the only space appropriate for this plant in the fast flowing low corner of my tank. the problem is its compact and short. this results in the appearance of a vacant backdrop... and anything long and stemmy i try to plant back there just gets blown away. don't worry i have a plan. hopefully the plant i am thinking of [cough] aponogeton ulvaceaus [cough] will still be for sale this weekend

top and replant bro i know!... problem is when i top, i got no more space to replant its a real problem man, i gotta figure this out. i don't want to toss the tops or clippings in my 30B cuz i know these particular high demand stems will suffer coming from a high tech environment. idk we'll see, maybe i can get my other co2 setup going for the 30B.... oh wait i need a diffuser! any suggestions? :O

regarding my lilies.. i
might cram one of those maniac bulbs into a cavity in my driftwood lol... i'm sure it won't mind

we'll see wha happens

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