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Arrow 12G Club: Got a 12 GalloN RimlesS or wanna get 1? PoSt/SeE HeRe!

Featured is J&H's 12G Long

12 Gallon Long Rimless Club
(Mr. Aqua or GLA)

Hi! As I have discussed with a few fellow members with 12 gallon long tanks, it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to just 12 gallon long tanks. Its basically a thread dedicated to our small 12G long community in hopes of keeping it always exciting and drawing new interests everyday. This thread is open for ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. as a whole. Whether you already have a 12G long, looking for ideas how to design it, or simply thinking to get one, I want this thread and its members to help you in whichever way possible

* Have your very own community focusing on 12G longs.
* Learn, inspire, share & support (Remember it as L.I.S.S).
* Give RAOK(s) from your very own 12G tank(s) for newcomers or to those in need when you have extra.
* Have fun! This is what it is all about

Your Support Needed!: Link to our club by adding the pre-setup link below to your signature box. Just copy & paste to your signature box.


HTML Code:

HTML Code:
It will look like this in your signature box if done correctly:

Banner Designed by Brian_Cali77

12G Journals = If you would like to recommend a journal - or of your own - to be added here, feel free to shoot me a PM!

ADA: Panoramic Mountain Scape - CRS Habitat
Ach1Ll3sH33L: Ach1lL3s 12 long White Mountain
Amazonfish: Lara's 12 gallon long 'Tango'
andrewjohn007: 12g Long DSM with MTS
Anhvu: -="Bees Playground" Anh's Mr Aqua 12G Long=-
auski: Alan's Mr Aqua 12 gallon long
Aww: Aww's Scape #2 (Mr. Aqua 12G)

Bananariot: 12 Gallon Long Banana
BeastMaster: "Kahawai" 12 gallon long
beedee: Tranquil Valley // 12g Long Iwagumi
bigd603: 12 Gallon Wicked Long!

CalmSeasQuest: CalmSeasQuest's 12G Long Iwagumi
cdunson82: 12 gallon long first timer
CryptKeeper54: CryptKeeper54's Mr. Aqua 12 gallon long

dasob85: G's 12g long planted with driftwood
defiant: MR. Aqua's 12g Long Iwagumi Madness II the end!
DrakeScree: Drake's 12g long!!!!!!

El Funko: El Funko's Ubiquitous 12G Long
endgin28: The Black Gate GLA 12 long Iwagumi

_FC: First planted 12g Long (56K warning)

g33tar: g33tar's 12g Mr.Aqua -First planted tank
Geronimoumd: Geronimoumd's 12 Gal Long Journal - "The Jungle Nook"

HeathBar: 12g long - Low tech/low maintance

Kai808: Another guy... Another 12g long... Another DSM
Kosey929: 12G Long shrimp & tiny fish tank/very expensive cat water dish

larcat: Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon Long Mountainscape. Stocking ideas?

manualfocus: 12 Gallon Long Rimless "Escape"
mayphly: Mayphly's 12 Gallon RimlessTank
meowschwitz: Meow's 12G Long — "Triple Summit"
micr0: micr0's 12 Gallon Long
mweng0385: mweng0385**Mr. Aqua 12 Long**Journal (56K Beware)
mythin: Mythin's Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon Long

natebuchholz: 12 Long Journal...Creative Title
NeoShrimp: Miss My's 1st Iwagumi Journal: Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon Long
nerdariostomp: Nerdariostomp's 12g long

PJM: Mr. Aqua 12 Bookshelf Frameless Aquarium Journal

Ranbaral: Ranbaral: 12g long, Iwagumi on a budget
rdmustang1: A Twist on Mr. Aqua 12 Long
rocksmom: rocksmom's 12 Long Blue Velvet Haven
RumbleFish: Rumble's First Planted (12G Long)

sayurasem: Ray's 12 Gallon Loooooooong Journal Substrate Swap Completed
senor0kun: Another 12 gallon long
smracer31: 12 gallon long coffee table tank
somewhatshocked: Jake's Mr. Aqua 12gal Long/36" Shrimp Tank (pic heavy)

the_intricacy: the_Intricacy's 12g Long... double-fisted!
therash: therash's 12 gallon long

Waddy015: 12 Gallon Long Mr. Aqua

yellowsno: YellowSno's 12 gallon long... now with bba problems

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