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Just heard back from Dr. Tim's.

Following a brief explanation of my situation, I asked them three specific questions about their product:

1) Does Eco-Balance contain multiple strains of bacteria? If so, how many?
2) After several months of dosing, are the beneficial bacteria in this product able to form a stable self-sustaining population or does the tank require regular dosing to sustain these populations?
3) Has any Mycobacterium-specific research been done to see if these probiotic bacteria have a competitive advantage against it when competing for resources?

Here is their response:
Hello Mr __________:

Thanks for your interest in our products.

Our probiotic for freshwater has 6 species for saltwater/reef it has 8 species.

Our probiotic strains were isolated by us from aquaria and are grown by us - almost no other company in the Aquatics Industry can claim this.

The beneficial bacteria do not form self-sustaining populations because they are eaten by protozoa and other micro-organisms so regular dosing is necessary.

Regarding mycobacterium specifically - at this point there is no published research but hopefully before the end of the year there will be a paper or two.

Hope this answers your questions but always available should you have more

DrTim's Aquatics
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