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I went with 3x menards 8.5" chicken lamps for my 37 gal. approx 30x12x22...22 TALL.

I may have wanted the 10", but with the good clamp on the smaller ones, I have the option of resting them on the glass cover or clamping them to the back of the tank and getting them a few inches higher.

Since I got no response here, I bought 3x23watt/6500k (100 watt replacement) and 3x13watt/6500k (60 watt replacement) CFLs.

I'm new and confused about the light I need for a low tech tank. One of those charts seemed to say I needed the 23 watt to reach my substrate. Reading previous posts here seemed to indicate that the 23 watt is too much and I will have an algae problem.

I have to be away from the tank for a week. Should I use the 23 watt or 13 watt bulbs (on a timer)?


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