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Buying Laterite in STL

Well, I just had a frustrating time searching for laterite. I called multiple fish shops today, one said they had some in stock, another was out. Every other place I called said, "Huh? You're looking for what?" I explained basically what I needed it for and a few offered me Flourite instead.
So I was pretty excited about visiting the store that said they had it in stock as they are only 10 miles from my house. So I went up there and they suddenly had no clue what laterite even is. The person I had talked to was gone for the day. The price I was quoted turned out to be for 'Water-Rite.'
They offered to special-order some, but I can find it much cheaper online.
I was hoping to upgrade my 29 gal contents into a 55 this weekend but I guess I am going to have to mail order laterite first. I figured the mark-up and the cost of gas vs. the cost of shipping the stuff was about the same, it would be more convenient to just go pick it up. I may still try to call a few more places a little further out.
Has anyone actually found this stuff locally?

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