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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
I would tend to trust the Dr. Tim brand. He is the person who isolated the correct nitrogen cycle bacteria when Marineland started marketing it as Bio Spira.

I cannot be sure if he has gotten on the bandwagon of selling stuff just 'cause it sells or if he is really developing and selling viable options for the aquariums.
Perhaps a carefully worded e mail to him, including a brief history (like I saw you did for the Seachem question) might help. Here is a link to Dr. Tim's web site:

That Tropical Science label sure looks familiar, but it has been a long time since I used it. Here is a link to their site. I am less inclined to trust this one, because I looked at their cycling product (Nitromax) and it has the wrong bacteria. It has been over a decade that the right bacteria were identified. Any company still selling the old strains is not one I would trust.
I've emailed both Dr Tim's and AquaMeds with specific questions about their products, so we'll just have to see what they say. I suspect that the AquaMeds is a better product overall (just based on the amount of information and research they claim), so my main question for them was if there's any reason it can't be used on a warm-water tropical tank instead of a Koi pond.

Seeing the videos on the Dr. Tim's site about how major institutions (like the Georgia Aquarium) use their products certainly lends them a great deal of credibility in my mind. Like you said, that may not extend to other product lines, but you'd think they'd have major incentive not to risk that reputation.

I think you're right, if Tropical Science is still using the "old" bacteria for the N-Cycle products, that's probably enough reason to doubt their credibility overall. Especially considering the credibility of these other two options, I think it's safe to dismiss them from my consideration.
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