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Adding an update. It's been over a year now with this setup. I started to get some brush algae and even some staghorn. I realized that something was up. My CO2 reactor for one did not seem to be working as efficiently as I would've liked it too. I went back to the glass diffuser. I also pulled all the rocks out. Drained the tank and sifted the substrate, which had become anaerobic. I had way too much substrate in there which had been packed so tight in some sections that it was near impenetrable. I mixed some power sand with the aquasoil and really like the outcome. I've decided to grow more than just HC. I in fact got rid of the HC all together and am going to do an emersed wabi kusa with some of it. I've planted an echinoderus as well as some rotala and a plant which I believe to be nasaea pedicellata (but I'm not sure). The foreground is solely dwarf hair grass. which I think will look really cool with the focal plant grouping. I have noticed a serious change in the behavior of the fish. They seem to be happier. I'm excited. It was time for change. Here it is after planting and rescaping. best, el g

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