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It's been a while since my first post! A couple of things have changed with this tank namely that I want to kill my goldfish for being difficult.
  • No more Rotala Macrandra. The goldfish have eaten every last leaf of it and all I had left were stems. They did this over the span of the weekend when I was away -sigh-
  • I've added ... Vallisneria, though not exactly sure which kind yet
  • Added a manzantia branch and tied the Anubias to it
  • Added a black background

Here is to hoping the plants can grow out some more before the goldfish eat all of them. I am strongly considering moving the fish to another tank but I just know I'll want to add plants to that one as well. I think the fish are starting to nip at the vallisneria since the tips aren't brown - just broken off.
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