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Since my last update:
  • Tempura, my berried female, has given birth!
  • I added a little "shrimp cave" the day before she gave birth so she and the babies could feel safe.
  • I've added another moss tree made out of a itty bitty manzanita branch and some subwassertang I ordered from a TPT member.
  • I'm considering a black background for the tank.
Before the black background and close-up of the willow tree:

The pink little cave is my little shrimp cave. It's made from Sculpey Premo clay that I made a month ago. I've been doing a lot of research on using Sculpey and it seems that a lot of hobbyists use it to make their own structures without any problems. Before placing it in the shrimp tank it has been in my 10g with my two goldfish. Water params stayed the same and the goldfish are still alive. When the Sculpey is cured it's a form of PVC. I only had pink/magenta laying around at the time, hence the color. The babies LOVE this thing. They're constantly climbing all over it and inside of it.

Towards the front in the lower right-hand corner is my little subwassertang tree. I ordered a golf-ball sized but there was a slight mishap so thats all I could save. Hopefully it can grow!

As for my main tree, I think there is some slight growth? I can't tell. I'll need to remember to take at least one picture from the same angle over and over.

Fuzzy picture of the tank with the black background:

Shrimp babies! You can kind of see three of them here! Total, I've only counted about 11 so far.

With the broken pieces of subwassertang I decided to throw them into a tiny jar with a tiny piece of manzanita to see if it would grow ... somehow. This is a repurposed spice jar from Whole Foods:
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