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[Update: 3/3/2012]

It's been quite a while since the last update but things turned out for the better. I rechecked the algae and found it to be blue green algae rather than diatoms because i think if i had diatoms it'd be gone. I've installed an airstone hoping to give the tank a bit more air when i'm not injecting CO2. Every water change I do comes with manual removal of the BGA so far, it seems to be working extremely well.

So here is a pic of the BGA coverage on January 31st 2012.

Looks totally disgusting, I had enough of it and just went to town on the bacteria/algae.

This was what the tank look like before the BGA totally covered the tank.

Totally dismal looking...

Here is what the tank looks today.

Really looking alot better. BGA coverage is gone with a few areas here and there.

Here is an image of the clump of HC I planted in the small little niche of the drift wood. Looks like the HC is starting to climb down the wood, love it.

Here is a shot of the background plants. Notice the debris coverage onthe bottom. I can't really seem to get rid of the debris but I do believe it's a mix between snail droppings (had an outbreak) and the BGA dying off because of the O2 addition.

A side pic of the tank. See more of the advancing coverage of the HC.

And finally a close up of my Amano, whom I've named Charles.

Everything looks amazing. Will post more updates.
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