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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
I am re-reading this thread, and looking into the links more closely.
In post 85 the link (about disinfectants) specifies that glutaraldehyde is very effective (almost at the end of the article).
Glutaraldehyde is the liquid carbon source used as a substitute for Excel.
In low doses it is not toxic to fish.

If you can get gluteraldahyde, treat the tank and everything else with that, then rinse well. Any trace amount left after rinsing is so low it will not be toxic.
MAYBE the plants can tolerate the higher dose, too???
Wow, I'm floored by your dedication in looking through all of this again!

OverStocked suggested a Glutaraldehyde-based product in the "Heat Kill"-spinoff thread (Anyone with biology knowledge: boiling or baking to kill Mycobacteria/Fish TB?). While I have no doubt that it's very effective, it's also quite pricey and seems to require some very careful handling, so I felt it was probably overkill for my needs.

To jump back to what you said a couple posts earlier about the "airborne growth" plant strategy:
After some further pondering, I had the thought that even if some Myco were to "climb" up on to the dry growth I want to save, it probably wouldn't find any biofilm to hide in. If that's the case, then that second bleach dip you suggested would probably be enough to clean it off once and for all before transferring the plant to the "clean" emersed rig. Even if some were to manage to hang on, I have to assume that it'd be so little as to fall below "ambient" levels (since all of our tanks supposedly have it) and should be no match for a heavily probiotic-saturated tank environment going forward.

All that being said, I'll probably just use that airborne growth strategy on a handful of my harder-to-find plants (like the Willow Leaf Hygro), since I don't have nearly enough room or patience to grow enough of the other plants to fill-out the main tank when the time comes to start it up again.. For the QT, I'll probably just bleach-dip the plants I want to save and put them in the cycled QT without making any further effort to clean them. After that, it'll be up to the UV and probiotics to keep any Myco at bay.
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