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100% newb here.

I've managed to slowly kill lots of plants with the stock light that came w/ my starter tank package. I've also grown some algae. A bunch of online reading later, I think I some what get why. I also think I may have found part of my solution with this lighting set up.

I have a 37 gal. approx 30x12x22...22 TALL.

I'm attempting to get through 2 ft of water that's only 1 ft wide with this lighting.

Do I want the 23 watt spiral "bulbs" as that chart seems to say, or do I want something else?

Do I want the 10" chicken light fixture, or the smaller diameter ones? I was thinking 3x the 10" but perhaps that spreads the light out too much? Is 4x the smaller ones the way to go?

How many lamps and how many watts per each CFL "bulb"? I'd like to be able to lay them on top of the tank over the glass top.
I'll remove the plastic hing strip between the glass pieces of the top.

How much fertilizer? what specific brands/amounts? Hours of light per day? Keep it simple please. Low tech, non dirted, hard/high ph water, HOB POS filter.

I've read many different ways to skin this cat. I need a starting point.

Thanks all!

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