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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Here is a pretty long article about using pro-biotics to reduce fish disease. The main focus is on farmed fish, since that is where the money is. However, the concept is valid on a small scale, too (aquariums), the question is where to find the small amount needed.


OK. here is an example of this sort of product.
Thanks for finding those articles!

After reading through those, I've spent the last couple hours looking for probiotic supplements along those lines. There are a lot of "beneficial bacteria" products out there, but it seems the vast majority of them are either focused on N-Cycle bacteria or on breaking down waste/mulm in the tank ("Liquid Gravel Vac", etc). However, I have found three that seem like they might be what I'm looking for:

The first is the liquid form of the Aqua MedZyme in your second link:
Aqua MedZyme Liquid
At ~$25 for a 16oz bottle, it sounds pricey, but considering it's supposedly enough to treat 48,000 gallons, I suspect it'll expire long before I run out of it. It's primarily designed for Koi environments, but I'm not aware of any reason why it wouldn't also work for a tropical freshwater tank.

The second is made by the "Dr Tim's" brand, which I believe is fairly reputable for their N-Cycle bacterial products (haven't tried them myself, but I seem to recall seeing that name in a positive light before):
Dr Tim's Aquatics Eco-Balance
A ~$14, 16oz bottle is "only" rated for 480 gallons (quite a difference from the stuff above), but it is specifically marketed for freshwater systems. However, I couldn't find any information the actual bacteria it contains or how many different types there are (according to your links, it's important to have a mix), so I don't know as much about it as I do the first stuff.

The third is this:
Tropical Science Immune-Plus
I've never heard of the brand and it gives no information regarding shelf life, so I suspect that it might not be as high-quality a product as the others. However, it does claim to have 5 different species of bacteria and is supposedly enough for 1700 gallons, so I figured I'd mention it even though I suspect the other two are better options.

I still think the "probiotic" idea is a brilliant strategy going forward (for all of my tanks, not just the quarantine), so I'm definitely going to pursue it. I just need to decide on which product to use for it. Thanks again!
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