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Originally Posted by Al Slick View Post
Hey there!

I'm pretty sure that I got one stem of your limno aromatica with your package, I guess I'll have to smell it to see what it really is!

You have a lot of fish in that tank, I fell like you need a 40b haha
right on man! i know the plants didn't look their best when they arrives but believe me... that selection of specimens are tough as nails! and super weedy, you just have to give them a little TLC in order to cultivate new growth. i am confident that each stem will yield plenty of beautiful tops for you

i may have posted this pic up top... but these l. aromaticas come from the same batch of base stems you have. i've been cultivating the tops since january. now each has become its own stem with plantlets at the base! as u can see they are at the top of the waterline, not sure if i will top and replant as i have no more space lol. i also don't want to chop the bottoms as they many plantlets shooting from them. i might treat them like my rotalas and just lose the tops...i don't have my grow out tank going yet so... lucky for my next RAOK lol
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03-03-12 pre granny and gramp daycare FTS
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it seems that there are distinct
plant groupings that are starting to take shape. next maintenance, hopefully tomorrow, i may resort the syno and tonina to form tighter groupings. as stated above i might have to give up the l. aromatica tops.
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the left side of my tank is the high flow side. after a nice trim when all the plants are equal in height it looks good... but due to the accelerated stem growth the left side looks empty now. i may relocate L broad leaf and p yatabeanus, hopefully the current isn't to strong.
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lastly after a painstaking dial up of the bps... i guess i spoke too soon regarding the burkett solenoid amd ideal valve... like with all things mechanical new... there has to be a breaking in period. te co2 setup i have has been working great so far this week. i want to thank maknwar for the build!
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