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Ramos' Fluval Edge

After a fairly long hiatus, I'm getting back in the game
Started this up about a month ago, it's the new LED Edge's. Here area couple shots from today.

2x 13W Ott-Lites
Edge HOB Filter (Aqua-Clear 20 I believe)

Marselia minuta
Eleocharis sp. 'belem'

3x Celestial Pearl Danio
3x Hasbrosus Cories
3x Amano Shrimp

I plan to add 3 or so Emerald Dwarf Rasboras if my LFS gets them in next week as they said they were. If not I'll add another 3 CPD's. Some of the plants I had in here to cycle came from my brothers tank that had a massive hair algae outbreak, I thought I got clean ones but it brought some with it it would seem. The Amano's have done a great job clearing it out so far though, had them 3 days and it's almost all gone.

As far as CO2 goes, I'm contemplating how I want to add it in here, and also how I'll actually get it to work well in here. I was going to do DIY until I get my hands on an actual system, and I've found some of the mini ones but none include a solenoid so I'm kind of thinking I might build my own.

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