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First impressions on Kessil Amazon Sun

I took the plunge. Ordered 2 Kessil A150 Amazon Suns. They came in today.

I'm not really into product porn but I thought I would share my first impressions and some photos nonetheless.

There's good and bad.

The good: very compact and seemingly powerful light. It's my impression__as of yet unverified__that 2 units will be able to light my 120p if hung within 24" of the substrate. My hope is that I will have anywhere between 30 and 80 par with the lamp at 20"-24" over the substrate. Pure conjecture on my part. Unfortunately I have no par meter yet, so no readings to give. The color is slightly blue-ish but does not seem to discolor plants in any unpleasant way . The lamp housing stays warm but never hot. Power consumption: 34watts per lamp. By all appearances this is the same base unit as the rest of the series. Reefers seem to be happy with the product.

The bad: and IMO Kessil drops the ball on this one. Hanging the lamp is something of an afterthought here. A collection of gold hooks, screws and brackets are included in the kit. The assumption here is that there is a canopy over the tank and if not, you're on your own. You can always hang the lamps from the ceiling with some kind wire arrangement, or even by it's electrical wire (no mention in the documentation if that's ok however). But the problem then becomes the length of electrical cord (6ft): way too short to run up to the ceiling and down a wall . Which means you're in DIY territory and possibly voiding the warranty depending on your solution. In my case, I'll buy an extension plugged in as an intermediary between the jacks and hang the unit from the ceiling.

You can always shell out extra bucks for their gooseneck if that arrangement suits your needs. In that case I just find it a pity that Kessil hasn't made any arrangements to hide their 1/4" cable.

The small cooling fan inside the lamp emits a steady whine that may disturb some. IMO Kessil could have spent more effort baffling the unit to limit the sound. Not quite a deal breaker but will take some getting used to.

Documentation is sparse to say the least. No PAR, no spectrography and precious little on how to hang the unit. It's as if Kessil won't stand behind their product and doesn't want to discuss consumers no 1 question: will the lamp do the job it's designed to and if so, to what extent (low, medium or high light ?). Is there a hot spot ? etc..
Too bad.

The final test will come when I put the light use. I'm still assembling my setup so no news for a bit.
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