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Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
WOW! Nice Fisherman!!! The syngonanthus species LOVE CO2, but it does cause them to get leggy sometimes. Top and replant, but you are at a similar point that I go through....not enough space, and you hate yourself for throwing them out. You could try to RAOK some, but it gets hard to do that every week. You may want to increase your ferts a touch to keep everything colored up nicely and curb the leggy growth. See if that helps.

Limnophilia Aromatica is used as an herb for cooking, but you probably knew that...

Glad to hear that the root tabs/CO2 is helping with your Parva growth, man! It is a nice crypt!

And, I second GM's comment above: I really like your emersed crypt set up!!! How hard is that to do? I've been thinking about trying something similar, but am afraid that with my wicked travel schedule things could go wrong pretty quickly. I'm also fearful that it might smell to high heaven and my wife would make me get rid of it. How do you fertilize it?
thank you GMY, thanks crazy

your point about increasing nutrients is well taken! i did not think of connecting their "leggyness" to a lack thereof until you pointed it out... but it totally makes sense! thank you

i have been incrementally increasing ferts but my NO3 sticks to 0-5ppm! but tbh i've been afraid to go too muh on the ferts for fear of inducing an algae breakout or worse!

tomorrow's friday so i don't fert anyway, i will 2X my fert dosage this coming tank maintenace and see i i can beef up those stems

your right about the lack of space however, which is part of the reason i want to get my 30 breeder in order.

regardingthe crypt setup bro, its super easy and low maintenance... and ithink zach can concur leaving them alone is actually a good thing for emersed plants lol... i think your schedule will work out fine

as for the smell, i have a glass top so you can't really smell anything... but when you open it you definately know something is growing in there lol... but i love the smell of thriving plants! if your wife can handle the 200g beast, i think emersed setup should be a walk in the park for her

i think the great thing about the emersed setup is learning about each plants needs. i've had half the plants in there (mostly crypts) melt and the other half thrive... all in the same mixture of soil!

the trial and error of finding the right soil composition and mixture etc is just as challenging as balancing a high tech tank lol...and when you find the right conditions (or induce the right conditions in the soil) and your plant thrives its a great feeling.

at the end of the day, i find that all of my emersed work (including my 5g dirt tank) has helped me understand whats gong on in my 20L better. not to mention it has given me insight into my plans for the dream tank.

and you know what the best part is bro? dirt is cheap!!

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