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Originally Posted by TheGiantDwarfShrimp View Post
$120 is a bit much....
If the cheap shoplights work well and are cheaper then I will just go with those.
The tank is a personal tank and is going to be in the basement so it doesn't need much to be the centerpiece of the room lol.

So would those specific shoplights be the best?

Thanks for the suggestions
In my opinion yes. The issue is that it's a 90 gallon tank, penetrating all the water is the task at hand. Whereas a normal $15 shoplight from Wal-Mart would suffice on a shallower tank, I think the reflectors on those Home Depot ones are what makes them decent. If you can find a cheaper shoplight with reflective qualities go for it.

That's also why I linked those CFL solutions. Believe it or not those dome reflectors work pretty well...might need 4 of them over a 90, but they are incredible cheap.

I know your not looking to spend $120, but keep in mind, those shoplights are like $35 a pop, then you need $16 (~$4 a piece) in bulbs. At that rate your getting close to the price of a proper light. I'm in no way trying to discourage you from the shoplights, they work awesome, and the bulbs are stupid cheap. Just want you to be informed. My plants are going absolutely insane with those lights...although I do add a smidge of Co2 to help out.
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