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03-01-12 Progress

Good Morning FTS
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Some noteable groupings...

Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem' - these guys seem like they're enjoying the gassed environment.. i didn't realize they could grow so tall so fast, might harvest the 2-3" tops and replant. problem is where?!
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Tonina Fluvalitis "lotus blossom"- same for these guys... soft acidic high light/fert/co2 lovers...the base of these i thought were getting ratty... but then i notice they are sprouting new plantlets. again i may have to chop tops and replant. space is an issue.
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Limno Aromatica - best desicion I made was to bring these guys to this side of the tank and not hidden in the back corner. i have full view of these beastly stems and again baby offshoots coming from the base! i love these plants (and they smell good too!)
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crypt. parva - believe it or not but parva is probabbly top 3 if not my favorite crypt of all time lol. i love these little guys, granted it takes them a mere century to grow, i still think they're awesome little plants... and it seems they are in fact enjoying the gaseous co2 environment. i notice they are much more perky these days. you guys were totally right.. crazydaz per your suggestion i added the root caps
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on a misc. note here are some pics of my 30B's downstairs. i recently discussed (on knuggs fishroom thread) that my bare bottom tank is like a total jungle in need of maintenance. my workon this tank has been limited as i've had a recent fish fry hatch and afraid to harm the little guys. but as they are getting bigger (1/4" +/-) i may try to catch them into a bucket and try to setup the tank. i plan on using pure PFS substrate as it is meant to be a grow out tank only. root feeders will be individually potted in soil of course Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1330611424.932491.jpg
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the other 30B is my emersed setup... mostly potted crypts nothing fancy. it's taken a long while for these plants to adjust (most converted from submerged form) and several melts of course but nonetheless i'm proud to share their progress
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