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Sorry, Crystal red shrimp. I've had and bred them before in my 40 breeder. The rocks I found in a local forest a few years ago and have had them in a couple setups with no problems, housing both fish and shrimp. The wood I picked up was boiled for about 8 hours adding new water when it would evaporate down a bit.

I have some plants it the tank right now, and its super clear. The lights don't turn on till after I leave for work this afternoon, so I'll snap a few picks when I get home tonight.

Just a quick edit with my plant list so far

Amazon Frogbit
Cryptocoryne Parva
Cryptocoryne Wendtii (Green Gecko)
Anubias Petite
Java Fern
Ludwigia Repens
Rotala Macrandra
Another Rotala I'll need an I'd on.

Stay tuned, pics on the way!!

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