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Spirogya! I'm a fool for having not discovered what kind of algae has been spreading in my tank til this point!

Yesterday, a few hours before my lights came on, I went ahead and dosed 50ml of a seemingly fresh bottle of h202. It circulated in my tank via powerhead as I left my 2213 disconnected for a few hours, to avoid killing all my BB. I've also upped my dose of excel to 5ml a day for the last few days, which I have now stopped.

I didn't see the algae fizz much, however there was an increased rate of pearling. A large patch of my overgrown riccia broke off from the bottom where it was shaded, likely due to dissolving browned growth. I was doubtful of it's algaecidal effects.

Today when the lights came on I discovered a few dead shrimp and some dead snails. The algae has definitely taken a blow, theres not much left anywhere in the tank. The rest of the inhabitants, otos, tetras, amanos and abundant RCS are doing fine.

I'm considering dosing about 20ml this evening to finish the job... hopefully it's not going to be overkill.

I've hooked up the powerhead again to increase flow, as well as installing my T5's legs to elevate my light off the tank a little. Air-stone running all night, no noon burst, etc.... I believe I've safely eliminated the causes of my recent greenwater and spirogya outbreak. GSA is no where in sight with the new glosso foreground, which is looking better and better every day.

The middle section needs a severe rescape. I really want to try out some tonia, but i don't know if that will be too much green.

It's unfortunate that photobucket has ruined the saturation of these images. If only I had the latest PS installed on my new hardrive I would be able to post some better images. For now these will have to do.

Take note in the clarity of the water, it's really turned around!

The new foreground, and some shrimp roaming to feast on their fallen brethren.

BBA has been appearing in a few spots, need to treat it with some excel soon.
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