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Hello Naisi..

This is my very first post on TPT so forgive me if i mess something up

Firstly, Talking from experience make sure any wood in tank with Red Crystals / Red Bee shrimp has been well matured. If possible, get an old large pan and bring to the boil with Wood in to draw any resins and Tannins from the wood. And Keep repeating till water boils and doesn't change colour.

To cut a long story short, I didnt the first time I set up and lost every single RCS to a 'jelly like' Substance covering their bodies. Which I believed to be from the wood I added.

What 'Stones' are you referring to? Will they not increase GH, unless an inert like Lava Rock for example? I think this may affect breeding behavior unless GH was kept a close eye on?
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