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Originally Posted by Wyomingite View Post
High phosphates are the primary cause, but high nitrates also contribute. Cyanobacteria do not need much light.

Now let's mess with the high side:

I dose 30-45ppm of NO3 and 15 ppm of PO4 as KNO3 and KH2PO4 weekly to this tank, see any evidence of BGA? Any algae for that matter?

Tank also is dosed 2 ppm of Fe as a proxy for CMS +B.

If what you stated is true, then how come I do not have algae or BGA?

If could be many many things(this we cannot ever be 100% certain).......but those 2(PO4 and NO3 being high) are not it(this we can be certain).

I think 15ppm and 30-45ppm a week of those would qualify for being on the "high" side.

Maybe I just got lucky this one time? I have about 50 tanks going back 20 years with similar results:

Tom Barr
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