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Originally Posted by GraphicGr8s View Post
Particle board is heavier than solid wood.

Only thing I would worry about is your doors. With a miter you are gluing mostly edge grain. Not much strength there. You also glued your panel in from what I can tell. Down side to that is as the panel shrink and evpands it wants to rip apart the miter. Most doors are stub tenons on the stiles into the rails.
It is basic 1/4 MDF inside of the wood frame with finishing nails. On the inside and what I should probably include in the build are 90degree flat angle brackets on the top corner by handle and opposite bottom corner by hinge.

built the doors at a different location from home where I added these later ( hence no pictures ). I'll take some when I get home :p.

I did this method because I wasn't about to drop $120 on a new set of router bits when I have a table saw that can pull off a similar effect. Just gotta reinforce the corners.
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