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The Doors:

Firs off I marked off two inches on the table saw and ripped some 2x12 pine into 2" strips for the border of the doors.

Once that was done I cut two sets of framework for the cabinet doors.

Once that was done, I measured the table saw to be offset 1/4 inch from the center and cut 1/4" wide by 1/2" deep grooves Into the edge if the pieces. ( the table saw blade is 1/8" thick)

Once that was done I cut out the center piece. When measuring the center piece, make the frame then measure inside to inside edge. Once done add one inch to compensate for the 1/2" grooves cut.

Once done I fit everything together, gluing and nailing grooves and corners to keep secure.

Once assembly of both doors was complete they got a paint job and were then given handles.

I got into the project and didn't take pics till the doors were mounted and the stand was painted and finished. But here it is, completely finished ( minus the moulding that will go on once the tank is on it ( to save knuckle damage ).

And the tank on its new stand

Kinda ran out of paint so the moulding it just primed right now.

Thank you for checking it out!!! I worked extremely hard and did not post half of the detail and things that went into it. Check out my tank journal for more updates on specifics of my tank . (will post in my signature when I am at a computer)


-Kevin G. (KG)

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