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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
You tank looks nice and the Baby Tears and Dwarf Hairgrass should fill in nicely as long as there are no chiclids in your tank, they like to tug on things and re-arrange the substrate. I would think your Tiger Lotus may spring back too but I'm not quite sure if they melt like Crypts every time you move them or change anything in the tank.

It's too bad you didn't sell your filter and I think the price was fine but the whole auction was unusually small and slow, nobody was in a real spending mood and almost everything sold for $2 with only a couple exceptions. Well now that you know where to get really cheap plants and just about any variety you'll need that filter for your new tank, I think you came in too late too see Cavan's talk on the plant of the month but I think he works for the Smithsonian Institute and most of his plants are one of only a few in the country so that's why the bidding gets crazy when his plants are for sale.

Good luck with your tank and I hope to see you at the next meet.
Thanks! I have had 2 bites on Craigslist. I priced it low - if it doesn't sell this week, I'll just pay $30 get the part and keep it. I saw some of the pictures that were sitting on the right hand side of the room. Really cool! I'll be back again - I have to rent a car to make it out to the burbs - It was an hour drive from DC this time, but it's great being able to talk to plant/fish people, haha.

I almost forgot, you might want to add a link back to your journal in your signature line, it just makes it easy for people to find you and you'll get a lot more feed back on your tank too.
Just did that!
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