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Finally, I'm getting around to updating this thing! So, over the weekend I finally was able to track down some Manzanita branches at the Los Angeles Flower Market. It's a beautiful section of downtown LA that everyone should check out when/if they visit. A lot of the florists and flower shops sell untreated Manzanita trees and branches in both natural and sandblasted. They also sell a lot of driftwood as well! The reason being is because both manzanita branches and driftwood are popular in wedding centerpieces!

I wanted a small little branch since my goal was to make a moss tree that kind of resembled a weeping willow tree. I bought some willow moss from mzjinkzd a week or two ago and just needed a branch. The prices for the branches range from $5/branch to $18/tree. I picked up a medium-sized branch and had the florist cut parts of it off into tiny mini-branches so that I could decide which one to use later.

The rest of the story comes with pictures!

This was one whole branch that I had cut into smaller branches. I used the third piece in the picture!

Wrapping moss and tying it down with green-colored thread after boiling it for about 30 minutes (notice the pot). It leeched a little bit of color but not too much.

Finally finished tying the moss down. I used a golf-ball sized amount of willow moss for this tree. It doesn't have the "weeping willow" look yet but I'm hoping it will grow out!

I also went ahead and did a 75% water change. I haven't changed the water in a few weeks (oops, I really should stop being so lazy) with the exception of just topping off the water. I also re-scaped and took some plants out.

I still need to reposition a few things and find some suction cups for the air stone instead of just hanging it like that :P

The shrimpies love this little tree. They like swimming back and forth and climbing on it upside down. Pretty cute, really!

Last but not least a shot of Tempura and her eggs! I say she has about a week left, give or take. This was the only shot I could get of her while standing still since she was zooming around so much.

That's pretty much about it for now! Here's to hoping the tree grows the way I'd like it to and hoping the thread doesn't dissolve before the moss attaches itself somehow. I'm going to be using the biggest piece of the branch for my 10g (and tying some moss and anubias to it). The other two pieces, I'm not sure. Maybe a RAOK for each one
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