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Finally got some greenery in the tank.

FTS as of 2/26/2012

I'm still battling tannins and cloudy water. I did a 90% WC prior to planting.

You're looking at Crypt Parva, Crypt Wendtii, NLJF, and Anubias Nana. I'll give these some time to get going before I do much else here.

I'm battling murky water. Prior to planting, the water was so dark that I couldn't see the back glass. I siphoned about 90% of the "coffee" water out. I just don't believe that it's the manzanita staining the water this badly. It's probably the result of the large amount of clay used in my MTS. I guess that I'll have to wait and see what time and multiple WCs will do about it...

CO2 tank needs a good fillin'!

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