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Whoa AC50? I mean, if I was doing some sort of tidal crash zone tank...but.... whoa. haha, I get the picture though. Need better flow. I'm using a lot of old stuff. I'll see what I have in the garage. At the lfs, the AC50s are like 65$... so that's a no go, even if I wanted a hurricane.

I got the light from an aquarium society auction, 10$. I'm anticipating that the pb tank, at 20$, is going to be the most expensive thing. Then you factor in the akadama+shipping it across an ocean... and well...

I used to have a ton of RCS outside in an old oil drum. I never fed them or changed the filter media and they still bred like rabbits. so... I might try something a little harder this time around. Maybe PFRs? Low grade CBS/CRS? I'm still on the fence.

Agh i'm so over livebearers. I have a fleet of oxblood mollies sitting in a tank outside... nice colors but they're so... idk. boring.
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