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Update: Almost a week.

I added some cardinal tetra to make a school - The remaining 3 neons were really stressed and are now schooling with them - 10 total. I'll consider adding 5 more in a bit to make the school fill out. It's interesting to see the size difference between the mature neons and the young cardinals - The mature female neon is 2x the size of the cardinals.

I also added 2 otos to the surviving one - they like schools and algae cleaning is a must.

I added some Dwarf Baby Tears - which should really be called "Grown man crying" - what a pain in the a$$
The patch will *hopefully* fill out - currently, like the dwarf hair grass, it's hair club for men in bunches a few cm apart. We'll see which one I like better or just keep both. This is all about experimenting.

The nearly dead Red Tiger Lotus is recovering and I got 3 more tiny ones from the GWAPA meeting.

Lastly I added some Christmas moss to the driftwood. I'm gonna see how this grows. I love the way the wood looks bare, but a few patches will make it look more natural.

The Rotala H'ra is starting to get red Which means it's happy - there's enough iron, light, and CO2.

Sorry about the bad lighting but here's what it looks like 6 days later right after the additions.

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