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Wow, I haven't logged in here for a while, and it is crazy to see these pictures, because they look almost NOTHING like what the bowls look like now. The one on the right is way cooler now. The telanthera(small red plant) grew a lot, I clipped and replanted it, and now have two big plants almost growing out of the water. There is also a bunch of java moss and a java fern in there now. The bowl on the left has really grown out, with the Stargrass almost choking the whole bowl out and the ludwigia reaching the surface in there. I also added a piece of DW and a java fern, which doesn't seem to be growing at all. There were 3 Otos and 3 Amanos in each bowl initially, but I lost one Amano and 4 Otos(2 in each bowl) which seems to be leveled off into a nice equilibrium. The bettas are doing great, and after seemingly not being interested in the cherry shrimp when I got them, have changed their minds; I keep seeing bright red fish poop every couple days. I gonna need to get some new pics of these things up before I have to do a big trim. Coming soon...
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