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Originally Posted by darkxrose View Post
How can you tell when the needle valve is on or off? (the gold thing in the post above)
When the handle is twisted to align with the threads is it on or off? What about when the handle makes a 90 degree angle with the threads?
Not every Needle Valve will thread in a exact same position to any ASA On/Off Valve. Alot of factors depends on how tight you tighten it along with how many rounds of Teflon tape you add around the thread. Going by angle degree will not help you. Tighten it down with a crescent wrench to where it doesn't leak and it'll be enough at that position. Therefore it will not be in a certain exact position as any other setup that one might have.

Needle valve is simple, fully clockwise is closed. Slight counter clockwise is open.

Originally Posted by pglenn View Post
a simple question which suprisingly I havent found the answer to. how/where do I install the o-ring to the ASA valve? I've assumed I unscrew the top "lid" from the ASA and the o-ring goes between it and the valve body but nowhere is it confirmed or explained, much less photos showing install

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