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Originally Posted by jkan0228 View Post
So with crimson, will it affect say the transparent parts of my rili's? What about the yellowness of my TT's?
I don't think it will affect the clear parts of your rilis. It doesn't tint, dye, or otherwise change the color of anything. Crimson is a blend of spirulina (which is known to enhance color in just about anything), montmorrilonite clay(which has been shown to enhance the color and overall health of most things, especially shrimp), and various minerals.

It functions to enhance colors that already exist in the shrimp. That said, if it turns your TT's into red shrimp with black stripes, you'll be rich

Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
I just paid you. Please note that this order is going to my apartment instead of my work. I changed the address in PayPal but letting you know in case you had the address auto populate when you print your shipping label.

PM me the address you want it to go to and I'll make sure it goes out to the right address. Thanks again
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