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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
People ask all the time and it's a good idea to ask in the water flea market and you want to check your light with the new PAR meter, I was wondering about the dead Eheim as they are too good and expensive to throw out and can be fixed somehow.

I sold a 2215 that I owned and used everyday for 7 years, I had just put in a new 2217 impeller and a new gasket for the motor head and I got $35 for it but they will ask if you have a minimum but I didn't. But I used it for 4 or 5 months after I installed the new parts so I feel like it was a good deal all the way around and it will last the new owner for another 7 years.

Well too cool that your already a member and I'll see you at the meeting.
I just posted a few questions on the flea market, good advice!

It's a great filter! quiet, no leaks - the double tap unit - Eheim 7444578 - broke and I couldn't let the fish wait for a spare part to ship so I purchased a Fluval 406 from a LFS - not cheap. I won't get rid of the Eheim or let it go for nothing as I can order the part and in a week it will can be up and running. I almost don't want to sell it - but if I keep it I will be tempted to MTS... Resistance is futile

The Fluval 406, btw, is whisper smooth, easy to setup, and prime.
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