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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
SunDragon your tank looks nice and your fish look happy with more room to play but keep checking those nitrates and ammonia you might not be done.

We have a plant group with members all around you and we are having a meeting in Catonsville tomorrow, click the GWAPA logo below and check the website for the February meeting. You are welcome to come at any time but you need to be a member ($20) to get in on the auction, bags & bags of plants for 1,2,3 bucks each, occasionally a bag o shrimp, fish, tanks, filter, etc. plus we do group buys and best of all we eat like pigs and it's usually a great layout of food. I read that you have no car so I know that makes it harder but bring a friend (driver) it's no problem, click below and check us out or sent me a pm if you have any questions.

Keep up the good work on your tank.
Hey 150EH

Thanks for the advice - I will keep doing that daily for about another week to make sure things stabilize.

I'm already a member - Renewed my dues last week.
I'm planning on renting a zip car for a few hours and coming up to Catonsville tomorrow. I'm gonna bring a light and 18" Amazon sword that needs a home. I also have an Eheim Pro II 2028 that needs a new home as well. I'll bring that along and see if anyone wants it.

Would it be okay to ask members on the GWAPA forum to see if they have dwarf hair grass and Red tiger lotuses, and are planning to bring them to the meeting?
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