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Originally Posted by mikielh1984 View Post
Thanks so much. It's definitely not as expensive as I originally thought. I guess it's just a matter taking the time to find the right pieces.
It really has been the key for me so far... Taking time to learn and read and ask questions... Don't get me wrong I have not yet "arrived " at tank nirvana by any means but as I learned it really has added to my enjoyment of my tanks... And I'm quickly finding there is alot of right ways to do things and even though sometimes it works for others it may not work for me and its all part of the fun of learning.
You have an awesome looking tank and a great eye for the scape so I'm looking forward to seeing how this grows.

One piece of solid hard earned advice I can give is with co2 management of changes is key. From the initial install to any adjustment easy does it and leave time to watch the inhabitants of the tank after changes to make sure all is well.

Good luck!

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