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Originally Posted by mikielh1984 View Post
Thanks again Kathyy! I do enjoy my corys and plecos. I have thought about doing Co2 dosing but I feel like it gets pretty expensive. Am I mistaken?
Hi you can get a pretty decent set up for around $150-200 maybe even less if you are patient and thrifty. An Aquatek regulator solenoid needle valve combo will run you around $80 on Amazon i would suggest a in line reactor which you can build for around $30 and all that is left is a 5-10 lb tank and gas.

You can bypass the reactor and go straight in the Inlet of the canister and craigslist can often yield a tank for under $50 that can be filled for around $25 at praxair.

So is it expensive? Your call but you will need to fertilize at some point or decide to go lower light and let nature fertilize for you but everything will be slower growing look at my 75 gal journal and you can see the amount of growth I had with co2 a little less light than you and fertilizing the estimated index over just a few months.

But either way so far it looks great!

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