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Final thought thus far

Today the water was crisp - Daily water changes after testing conditions.

In a week, I'll remove the extra filter and drop checker.

I am also going to push the timing of the lights and CO2 back so the tank lights up at 12 so it's on when I get home from work/school.

Currently I have:
  • 3 Angels
  • 1 oto his/her buddy died in the move
  • 2 corys
  • 3 neons two of their buddies died in the move
  • 1 hillstream loach

When the tank stabilizes and the conditions are good, what critters to add??

12 piraņa, muhahaha

No seriously, probably another 15 neons or a mix of neons and another colorful schooling fish.
I know the Angels are supposed to eat them but thus far, they are too fat to bother...
A few more oto cats to clean...

I don't want to over populate. I actually like sparsely populated tanks - it feels right. The school of neons is probably 90% gonna happen and 2-3 more oto cats as well.

Suggestions, comments, feedback (please be kind )

Here's a video of it this morning Day 2

P.S. You can see a video of the tank this morning with the CO2 in action here.
Someone wanted to see how the diffuser works and I took a video to demonstrate.

P.S.S. The Tiger lotuses is are on their way as is more dwarf hair grass for the right side of the tank. There's some Christmas moss coming as well for the driftwood. I couldn't stage everything to arrive at the same time.
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