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Didn't end up using lava rock to create height. Decided to just add a bit more Azoo in the corners and spread it down toward the center of the tank.

Originally thought I wanted a more mountainous look in the corners but think the scale of the tank would be off if I had rock any higher than current, unfortunately. I think Bacopa root growth will help maintain some of the slope.

Since this is 100% for shrimp (maybe some Nerites and Ramshorns), I want background plants to grow bushy and taller than the rock so there's plenty of playground space. Also want to be able to keep the water level a centimeter or so from the rim to prevent shrimp from hopping the fence.

Have given nana vs. nana 'petite' quite a bit of thought. The smaller will look much nicer in this tank. Only have four or five of them. But have probably 15 standard nana… so if anybody wants to trade.

Other plants should arrive tomorrow so I hope to give plants a couple days to take root before flooding by the end of the weekend.

The excitement of this tank makes the downer of having someone steal RAOK fish from me a bit easier to swallow.
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