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I would LOVE to have one or a few. Please e-mail me at, and we cam talk. Thanks, I am excited!

Originally Posted by Nakinata View Post
My endlers just gave birth to some fry and I'm trying to make room for them. I have around 5 male endlers and 5 females if you are interested. These endlers are pure endlers and have not been mixed with guppies or any other livebearers. I'm trying to start up a 10 gallon multifasciatus tank, so if you have any equipment for a tank that size, I would be willing to trade for that also, otherwise I'd like to sell the endlers for 3 dollars each, or if you're interested in the fry, I'll sell them for a dollar each.

I would also be interested in trading them for other fish, preferably any fish with a max growth under 3 inches. Please post if you are interested, thank you for your time.
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