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Dewalltheway's - "The 125G" has begun and what better way to start it off then with getting the journal going. Yes..this is my dream tank. To some, it may be ordinary, but to me, it will be fun! Will I ever go bigger, maybe, but my dream is to have a 6'-0" long tank. Aquarium Adventure was having a sale on tanks and I went Saturday morning to make my decision on one and I bought the 125 gallon...dimensions of 72" long x 18" deep x 23" high. I won't lie and say that the 180 gal was not impressive, but at this point, the 125 made more sense for me. The tank still sits at the store while I make preparations in my basement for the tank. I will post photos of the building progress and installation of the tank. Work should begin later this week as I need to make a trip to Lowes for building supplies and then also switch my fish & plants over from my 90 gal to a 55 gal for temporary holding. So let the fun begin!

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