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Volume: 5.5g standard
Filter: Zoomed 501
CO2: pressurized via pb with aquatek regulator
Lighting: 13w CFL 6500K
Ferts: Estimative Index with added Iron

Foreground: HC
Mid ground: Staurogyne Repens
Upper Midground: hydrocotyle sp. Japan, Hydrocotyle Sibthorpiodes
Rocks: Fissidens
Background: Blyxa and lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Akadama with peat

----Original Post----

Now that I seem to have figured out how to not kill plants, I have decided to try my first actual scape. My 55g is pretty much a jungle now and has turned into a plant dump of sorts. So... enter the high-ish tech nano tank.

I wanted to see how little money I could spend on this. So far, the budget is set squarely at 60$.
Not bad for high-ish tech, huh?

This summer I found a 5.5g tank on the curbside near the university. No severe hard water stains, not too many scratches, good enough for a first attempt. If I can get it to work it'd be a nice replacement for my current desk tank.

I plan to set this up next weekend, hopefully, as soon as I can get the plants from someone around here. I think I have everything else. Any suggests?

5.5g tank, clear silicone, plenty of rim.
Standard CFL fixture, 26w 6500k
co2 via pb
Hagen Elite 5 or whisper 10
Ferts... pmdd+micros

Attachment 42310
akadama+ power soil, plus peat.


Hydrocotyle sibthorpiodes
Hydrocotyle sp. Japan
Stauro repens

Blyxa or potomageton gayi
Ludwigia hybrid red

FAUNA lmk if this is overkill
dwarf rasboras (Any suggestions?)
2 Otos
10-15 Red Rili

Anyway, I think I'll do a dry start to get at least the foreground and midgrounds rocking.


Substrate is IN!
Click image for larger version

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I'm thinking about using these lava rocks I found. I'd have to find a bigger one though to use as a center piece. Kind of dark.


Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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