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Originally Posted by rbarn View Post
Patience and lots water changes.
You can take the wood out and give a good scrubbing too.

Getting a new tank going is all about taking your time. Frustrating, but the slower you go, the better the end result will be.
Patience is the key! I've tried to take my time so far, so I'll just stay the course. Thanks for your advice and thanks for following along!

Originally Posted by Daximus View Post
Hey CAM, the tank is looking great! You have really spent some time putting things together, it's going to turn out great! I love your driftwood too. As the others have stated, tannins and the fuzz will go away, just give it time.

You have some really high light, so take it easy on the light cycle in the beginning. How's the search for plants coming?
I'm in the process of working out a trade for some plants. I had some leftover DW, so hopefully I can get rid of it and get a good batch of plants in the process.

I didn't want to rush this one. The MTS sort of governed my initial pace, and now I'm over that "new tank high" that you sometimes get carried away with. I'm just going to let this tank take it easy.

Thanks for the lighting advice. I'm thinking that a 6-8 hour photoperiod may suffice. What do you think or what do you suggest?

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