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Originally Posted by DiabloCanine View Post
fyi, teflon tape does not stop CO2 leakage, try locktite instead.....DC
Loctite does indeed stop CO2 leakage. As does teflon tape. And pipe dope.

To the OP: My hat is off to you, my friend. It's something I'd probably do myself, just to take a pic and share

In your opinion, is there any advantage to having the working pressures set at the levels you do, other than to account for inaccuracies in the gauges or diaphragms? For example, would you see a problem with settings at 20, 15, and 10? For the record, I believe I understand exactly what you're doing, and why. Just making sure we're on the same page.

And do you have a $ total? Curiosity abounds

*edit* and one final question - what sort of needle-ish-looking valve do you have there at the end?
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