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Originally Posted by Jorge_Burrito View Post
Hmm was planning on picking up some zebra ottos and celestial pearl danios, but doesn't look like you have CPDs in stock anymore, Bummer. Do you plan on ordering more at some point soon?
Yes, I will be ordering again for pickup the first week of March. I just need to take a week or two off from spending spending spending and hopefully make up some of the deficit.

Originally Posted by audioaficionado View Post
How large are your Amano shrimp? All except one of the last dozen of small juveniles I got ended up as mulm.

I'm also looking for PFR that are all bright red including legs and antennas.
They are 1" or so, subadults. I have the PFR, but I don't want to sell of all my adults. I would prefer to keep some to continue breeding so that I can offer them more and more affordably. I have a TON of babies that have hatched in teh past few weeks that are growing steadily. I can also order another bag of the PFR, but again, it will have to wait until I have recouped some money. I spent over $6k in the past 2 weeks on livestock, foods, and dried goods and am feeling VERY poor.
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